Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Best Blog You May Not Be Reading But Really Should Be!

This is the logo for the blog, Can You Identify Me?, the best blog you may not be reading but really should be. Can You Identify Me? is a blog that seeks to help identify some of the individuals whose bodies remain unclaimed because their identities cannot be established.

As you read the various entries, you're given the details that surround the discovery of each person; what they may have been wearing, where they were found, identifying elements like tattoos or extensive expensive dental work. The author only requests that if you know, or think you know something that can help, you contact the organization identified in the post, that's it. Oh, one other thing; each person in the post is given a name, an identity that will be their's until their actual identity is established.

This is not your usual blog of course and that's okay. It is written with a compassion and sincerity that might have been absent from the lives of the persons being described. Do please take some time and visit the blog; everyone deserves an identity.