Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Light For The Darkness

Happy New Year everyone! The holidays are over and I'm actually happy about that...sorry to sound like Scrooge but all that obligatory gift giving is not my cup of tea.

Of course there was the pressure to get the right gift for the right person (which I'm not immune to despite my gift giving"theory") and it made me remember a couple of Christmases ago and the gift we got for SO's parents.

The "parentals" had just moved from a smallish condo to a beautiful, one-story home with some minor landscaping. Mother-in-law is a natural gardener and added more trees and plants that made the exterior areas even more lush. She really has a green thumb and while she doesn't know names of plants and such, she knows what she likes and the general look she's going for. She has all sorts of flowering plants and vines along the entry walkway and seems to prefer a sort of overgrown wild look.

SO and I visited after they moved in and were a bit more settled. We chatted, had dinner and played games, then it was time to leave. As we were on our way to our car we noticed it was exceptionally dark on the walkway. I mean it was hurt-yourself-and-sue dark, and we thought: uh-oh, they need a light for the darkness!

Christmas was coming so we checked into some landscape lighting low voltage lamps for the walkway. We were looking for something that was energy efficient, would provide the necessary lighting for the walkway and the surrounding areas of the home that were also poorly lit, would provide a deterrent for anyone with a bit of mischief on their mind, and could also add value to their home.

I'm delighted to say we were able to find exactly the fixtures that we needed. There was the added bonus that the lighting not only did not detract from mother-in-law's flower jungle, but seemed to add to the effect. If only they were that easy to buy for every year!