Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She's Living The Dream

We spoil PD, there's no two ways about it. We try not to disturb HER when we change positions in bed, we cuddle her like a baby, sometimes she insists that we both go with her at potty time, we're very careful about what we feed her...you get the drift.

We've been taking her on rides to get her past being carsick and that's worked well. She'll stand on my legs and look out the window and if someone pays her attention, well then she really turns on the charm.

Perhaps we shelter her too much, perhaps in her doggie dreams she's running through tall grass, unfettered by her parents telling her not to jump, to be careful, to stop pulling on the leash. Yes, that's probably what she was thinking , that we shelter her too much, as she jumped out of the car and took off in a crowded parking lot today.

SO took ofter after PD yelling her name and I hopped in the car trying to head her off at the pass. You have no idea the speed that little dog can get up to; her legs were practically parallel to her body! We finally got her and put her back in the car, curtailing all the fun activities we had planned for her. SO and I were just ready to go home.

This evening as PD was having one of her many naps, making those twitchy, running like motions she makes SO said: "she's probably dreaming of running, like in the parking lot", I said: "yeah, she's living the dream".