Wednesday, November 7, 2007

An Oasis In The Blogging For Money Desert--Smorty

A little while ago, October actually, I wrote a post admitting that I would like to find a way to get paid for blogging. In that post I related my frustration at having to wait until my blog was three months old before I could begin monetizing it. I have been doing my homework while waiting my magical three-month-old birthday which happened a couple of days ago.

The results of my research have been interesting; I discovered many different opportunities but there was always some weird element; takes forever to pay, has to go through a rigorous approval process; it was getting pretty dismal. I don’t know about you, but when mama wants a new pair of shoes, she doesn’t want to wait two months to get the money for them!

And there, like an oasis in the blogging-for-money desert, was Smorty. Smorty is wonderful, and all the cool kids are signing up. Smorty is a service that allows you to make money from your blog by writing reviews of various services and websites. You can select the campaigns you want to write for. Since my tagline is “putting my two cents in and I’ve got change for everybody” this seemed like the perfect match for me.

Here’s the Smorty process:

1. Sign up with Smorty
2. Submit your blog for approval (takes about 72 hours).
3. After approval, select from the available advertising campaigns.
4. You'll have 3 days to write your review.
5. Submit it, and if it’s approved

Smorty pays via Pay Pal so you’ll need to have a Pay Pal account, and the very best part is: they pay weekly! Oooh, I’m even closer to that new pair of shoes!