Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Perils Of PD

Oh boy, I had a little adventure with PD last night, the kind of adventure that can make you really take a look at your life.

Last night PD was out in the backyard giving it the old looksee, she has recently discovered an area that she feels really deserves a closer look of the digging variety. Needless to say digging is not something SO and I approve of as PD sanctioned activities because, a) who wants big holes in the yard and b) she'll bring dirty paws in the house; digging is definitely discouraged.

PD begins to head over to the "area" and she's fast I tell ya, I rush over to grab her and she slips away quick as a, well quick as a very fast dog, I start to run after her (where has my sense gone?) and the next thing you SPLAT! I'm down on the ground.

My first inclination was to get up but as I lay there, wind knocked out of me, staring at the rocks and aching, I knew I couldn't. PD ran into the house (I'd like to think it was a sort of Lassie rescuing Tommy sort of move but I don't think so) and I began to pitifully yell for SO, who came out of the house quicker than PD ran away from me, thank goodness.

As I was laying there I began to think, what would it be like if I were older, single and lived alone? This was definitely a "I've fallen and I can't get up" sort of moment, there was no phone nearby. As I'm getting to be a smidge older, these things come into my mind.

The other day I came across a site called that helps with all of these kinds of questions. Bettercaring is a site that has all kinds of information about issues concerning care for yourself or a loved one. They have information on care homes, different diseases, and finances, as well as a very useful discussion forum to speak to others with similar concerns.

Well I do have SO, and hopefully I have a couple of years before I seriously have to consider this stuff. One thing I've learned, I won't be running after PD; I'm not that girl anymore!