Monday, October 1, 2007

Super Long Fingernails? I'm just saying...

Do you ever wish you could see through the eyes of another person? Ever wish you could see what they see? What makes them wear certain things, do their makeup a certain way, wear their hair in a certain style? Well I sure do, but because I'm not that girl anymore, I try not to pass judgment on the appearance of others.

But hell, I'm only human, and not blind.

So.... I'm tooling down the aisles of the grocery store buying some accompaniments for dinner when this woman passes my line of vision, she's wearing a very colorful sleeveless dress, has full wavy hair, and high heeled sandals. I couldn't see her face but I could tell by her overall body she was in her thirties or forties, well good for her, you go girl! She was definitely strutting her stuff. I always like to see women in my age range dressed well-it gives me hope!

Anyway, as luck would have it we both end up at the cash register at the same time, she is just ahead of me. The woman hands her card to the cashier and I get a glimpse of this long talon that is on her thumb, you know the type, it curves under and sort of forms a hook. I take a look down at the floor and sure enough, the toe nails are long and curving off the end of the shoes.

Now, I turned in my fashion police badge a while ago, but goodness! This is where I want to see through another person's eyes, what is it that makes someone see bear claws at the end of their feet and think: "I'm bringing sexy back"?

The talon on the thumb would seem to indicate the whole hand is like that, which just makes my mind work overtime. What does she do for a living with those nails? Can she type? Use an adding machine, use a telephone? a pdh? AND what about the bathroom?

I'll tell you that I live for artificial nails, the glue on kind, they're pretty and pretty cheap, and I can wear them when I want to. Those nails are not very long, but they can get dirt underneath them and I just pop them off after a week and let my natural nails breath. So if I can get dirt underneath my removable nails, what's underneath those super long fingernails? Ewww!