Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Domain Registration

The scene goes something like this: you’re a sassy, sexy, Aussie who’s been blogging for awhile on a free site and that’s been okay, but it bothers you that your web address is: http://coolperson.freesite.com because it just doesn’t describe who you are, and you’re ready for the next level.

You long for a web address that’s more descriptive, more you, something that doesn’t bear any similarity to what some clueless schmo is doing with their http://cluelessschmo.freesite.com. You need to register a domain name!

The fine folks over at paylessdomains.com.au will come to your rescue. Talk about your one stop shopping; whether you need help choosing a domain name, or you've got the name and just need domain registration, paylessdomains.com.au can take care of your needs. The site is very user friendly and can walk you through each step of the process; they can even help you build an online store if you decide you want to sell products, plus registration is free so what are you waiting for?

Head over to paylessdomains.com.au, you'll be www.imsocooliscaremyself.com in no time!