Friday, February 22, 2008

A Perfect Love

It was love at first sight. We were destined to be together we two, a more perfect love has never been known; a love without judgment or recrimination, complete and fulfilling. My love for shiny things.

My nine-year-old fingers tore through the brightly colored birthday paper to reveal the small box with two small Gold Lockets inside, a round locket and a heart locket; from that moment I was in love. I picked up the heart shaped locket and ran my index finger over the surface; it was smooth, and the light bounced off of it into my eyes and hypnotized me.

Over the years I've happily owned many pieces of gold jewelry. In recent years my tastes have changed and I find myself being attracted to silver. I have discovered a site that will personalize your gold and silver jewelry called can actually laser photos into the locket for you which is great, no more pictures falling out! I have a couple of lovely Silver Lockets that I can put PD and SO in!