Monday, September 17, 2007

Burger's Got No Back

There is a new commercial by Carl's Jr. for their new patty melt hamburger which features flat topped buns. I've got to hand it to the ad agency because what's really on the burger is the bun section that you usually see when you order a double or triple hamburger and there is a piece of bread separating all the meat. Nothing really special.

Carl's Jr. is really selling the sizzle, there is considerable uproar about the current commercial from the education industry. Allegedly they feel it demeans teachers. The spot shows an alluring teacher instructing her classroom. She is wearing a tight suit and has that "sexy secretary" thing going on; as she travels up and down the aisles of the class the boys are checking out her ass and opining on the flatness of her buns. The boys break out into a rap song about "liking flat buns" and teacher breaks out into dance moves that reminded me of the exotic dance scenes in "Flashdance".

I think this spot is a hoot, and because there's no such thing as bad publicity, the fact that someone is bothered enough about it to want it pulled-what's not to like?

I went to Catholic High School back when dinosaurs walked the earth. My school was not sexually segregated so testosterone and estrogen mixed with wild abandon in the hallowed halls. There were occasions of students surreptitiously dating teachers, hell one married her teacher-ew!

While there were no female teachers around that resembled the lass in the Carl's Jr. commercial there were a couple of male teachers that were interesting. One of those instructors, my geometry teacher, would make an unsuccessful move on me seven years later in a bar -ew squared!

I have a lot of respect for educators, their jobs are at best, tense and difficult and at worst, life threatening, they're not paid nearly enough for the work they do. I don't believe though that a hamburger commercial has the power to demean them; they are much too courageous for that. Look what they've chosen to do for a living.


My apologies for my myopia. If you've never seen this commercial, take a look for yourself: