Friday, September 14, 2007

A Little Better Than Kathy Griffin

Have you ever watched Kathy Griffin's show, "My Life On The D List?" If you have seen her tv show or standup comedy routines you'll know her gimmick is all about the fact that she's not an A-List celebrity like Tom Cruise, Oprah or John Travolta. She is not the first celebrity sought out for events in fact, she's way down on the list, she's on the D list.

I must say that Kathy has made that D List thing work for her. She is probably the hardest working woman in show business; the range of events she'll do goes from prisons and obscure business conventions, all the way to headlining in Las Vegas. That woman has range, and not a lot of pride. I dig her!

So I'm surfing the blogosphere, which I have gotta tell ya can be like smoking crack: the time just dissappears in a puff of smoke! Anyway, I'm surfing the blogosphere when I run across this little gem: Are You an A- List Bloglebrity? You just enter your URL into the box on the site and through the magic of Technorati, they'll tell you where you rank in the blogierachy.

It seems there are no end to the words that can be created if you place the word blog in front of it, but I digress.

Below is what I am after a little over 30 days in the blogosphere: Do you think I'm I proud? You bet I am.

And of course, it means I'll get the call before Kathy Griffin.

C-List Blogger