Friday, September 21, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Hello My Name Is...Menopauseprincess

For years I have had an acrimonious relationship with paper name tags; specifically the ones that are in bright colors with the words: "Hello My Name Is......."

Now when I was younger, a teenager to be exact, I hated these things. I was a girl that was fiercely independent. One of my teachers opined that if everyone in the class were wearing a hat I'd feel duty bound not to, just to be different; and she was right.

Whenever I attended workshops or events where these monuments to convention were used, I'd pretend that I didn't see them, they were not meant for me. I would sit proudly in whatever group feigning indifference and forcing individual attention if I was to be addressed, because I had no insipid piece of paper saying "Hello My Name Is..."

As the years have gone by I've relaxed my stand on these badges; probably another sign of encroaching maturity, but I don't mind. I find that I've become a woman who is more often than not, happy to let others know me. When I see others, mostly always younger people, without name badges or with them applied in places that are improper to stare at, I have to smile.

Hello my name is Menopauseprincess and I'm Not That Girl Anymore.

This post was done as part of the Sunday Scribblings