Monday, August 20, 2007

Favorite TV Show Canceled? I'm Sorry, It's My Fault!

When a new tv show begins I try to give them a good while before I start watching. I have discovered that if a show airs and I enjoy it immediately, there's about a 97% chance it will be canceled.

The latest example of my scary talents is the recent announcement that HBO has canceled "John from Cincinnati". HBO was the pioneer of programming that was outside the box; airing interesting, exciting, thought provoking shows. While it is true that HBO has been demonstrating a more network behavior in the last few years, it wasn't surprising that this show was canceled-I'd been watching it from the first episode.

Anyone ever watch "Hawaii" or "LAX"? I did. How about "Standoff", "Tru Calling", "Dead Like Me", "Huff", "Invasion", "Drive", "The Nine", "Wonderfalls", "Over There", "Joan of Arcadia", "Everwood", "Jericho", "Reunion" "Commander-In-Chief", "Boomtown", "The Book of Daniel"? That's my work.

If you watched any of these shows many of which were left with questions unanswered, mea culpa.

There's a new show coming on soon that looks cute, called "Pushing Daisies". It seems as if it will interesting, funny, and thought provoking. I won't be watching.