Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's A Wonderful Life

Every year at Christmas the old Jimmy Stuart film, "It's A Wonderful Life" makes the rounds on television. If you haven't seen this film, it's the story of George Bailey, a kind man who'd always envisioned he'd do different or more things with his life and who feels so frustrated by the events that have transpired that he decides to kill himself. George's guardian angel, Clarence, shows him how much everyone's lives would have differed if he'd never existed.

It's true it's not yet Christmas, but those feelings of frustration and not accomplishing "enough" aren't only in the movies; while we may not be contemplating suicide we sure harbor thoughts about wasted time.

What if someone could show you what life would have been had you not existed? Who would be impacted? Your family? Friends? Co-workers? Strangers you've done kindnesses for? Charities you've volunteered at or donated to? Love that you've given? Maybe people you don't even know you've touched. Children you gave birth to, lives you saved, encouragement you bestowed, none of that happened because you weren't there to do it.

So just maybe, we've all accomplished more in our lives than we thought eh?