Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Purses - The New Health Hazard

If you've ever watched your local evening news, you've seen the stories that expose the restaurants with rodent problems, the automotive shops that pad or fabricate charges, you know- news you can use (to upset your life).

I certainly didn't appreciate one of the more recent episodes detailing the cleanliness and sanitation of the bottom of a woman's purse. Now, I am generally a one-purse kind of girl and that purse goes with me everywhere, restaurants, stores, doctors, friend's homes. I sit my purse on the floor, balance it precariously on surfaces in public restrooms, dump it in shopping carts at the store. My purse is like a very dear friend, and I don't take kindly to people disparaging my friends.

So- the news reporter took swabs of the bottom women's bags and sent them to the lab. Why? Who thinks these experiments up? Are these things the result of ideas for a slow news day? Anyway, the results were pretty bad and I hope that damned reporter is happy.

I probably could have figured out that my purse on those surfaces was not that great but I really didn't give it that much thought and now that I know what am I supposed to do with the information? I will not be wiping my purse down with Purell and Clorox Wipes every evening, but by the same token it now takes me 15 minutes to figure out where to put it when I come home every night.

Maybe someone will invent a dippable purse cleaner. Quick, call the local news!