Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Diet Pill, Myself

When In was 12 years old my mother took me to a doctor to lose weight and thus began what was to be the longest lasting and most elusive goal of my life- the pursuit of the perfect body.

Most American females share this goal and it doesn't seem to matter what our age is or how accurately we see our bodies, whatever body we possess would be perfect if we were only ______ pounds thinner. At the age of 19, the doctor at my university prescribed me my first diet pill, Tenuate, and I found heaven in a tablet. Tenuate combined with the most ferocious of wills allowed me to lose close to 40lbs and then suddenly stopped working! I was devestated because even with losing all that weight I was still not, in my mind, there yet. Back to the doctor who prescribed Pre-Sate, many years later I found that Pre-Sate was actually Phentermine-who knew.

I have been on and off various diet pills over the years and while my logical mind knows they're only a temporary fix, I still hold out hope for the perfect pill. Not a pill that will have you running for the bathroom with "oily orange stools" because with an Alli like that I REALLY don't need any enemies. No, the perfect pill would one that magically makes me want to eat healthy and exercise. Are you getting this drug companies?