Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Heart The Internet -Part 2, The iReply Movment.

Since I began this blog a mere three weeks ago, I have been visiting blogs like crazy and having a blast. There are as many kinds of blogs and reasons for blogging as there are people on the planet.

Some blogs have a party atmosphere, some are soothing, funny, angry, sad - you name it. When you find a blog that expresses like-minded ideas or touches you in some way, it's fun to leave a comment and let the author know that you've appreciated their efforts. What isn't fun is when the comment just disappears into the cosmos; "did they read it?", "do they care?".

This article from "Brown Thoughts", fully describes the iReply movement, a movement that would have bloggers reply to their readers comments. I am joining that movement because I want to say thank you to people who are reading my blatherings. If you are interested in joining the movement too, read the article at "Brown Thoughts", grab the logo, and respond to your readers.
If only everything were that easy!